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About Super Concierge

Super Concierge is the brainchild of the amazing leadership team at Super Inspector. The strategic partnership is an effort to extend our commitment to extraordinary service across the entire homeownership lifecycle.

Over the years, Super Inspector, has been repeatedly contacted by vendors who want to solicit our clients. When persuaded to provide leads to vendors, it usually ended badly. The clients received harassing phone calls and/or poor service, and the reward to Super Inspector was very little in comparison to the value of the referral.

This brought to light the need to control the process on behalf of the client. We envisioned being able to connect the client with vetted, quality vendors, whereby reducing the time spent researching vendors and arranging services when moving.

Today, Super Concierge is taking customer service in the inspection industry to the next level. No more leaving the client with a detailed and complex inspection report and wondering, “What Next?”

Super Concierge is here to help YOU through the entire home buying process!

We will guide you through the inspection and option period. We’ll get your utilities connected, provide you with a homeowner’s insurance quote, arrange move-in services, and help you maintain the property while you live in the home.

Properly maintaining and managing your home will maximize your return on investment and ensure you get the best possible price when it’s time to sell your home.

At Super Concierge we help you get on with life!