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How We Do It

How Do We Do It

You’ve Found Your Dream Home…

But your busy life makes it difficult to find time to research and schedule all the services you need to get through the contract period, get the house switched on, and get moved in. Even if you had the time, it’s hard to know who you can trust.

The process of moving into the home can be broken down into three phases: the Opt-In, Move-In, Live-In and phases.

The Opt-In Phase:

During in the Opt-In phase you are in contract negotiations and need information and services to protect the equity of your investment and keep the process moving forward.

During this phase, Super Concierge will:

  • Answer any questions about your inspection report
  • Assist with obtaining repair cost estimates and quotes for other improvements that may affect your negotiating decisions.
  • Assist with contacting professional contractors for further evaluation of items on the inspection report, if needed.
  • Obtain quotes for your homeowner’s insurance.
  • And much more!

The Move-In Phase:

As your closing draws near, it’s time to focus on getting the house ready for move in.

During the Move-In phase, Super Concierge will:

  • Assist with connecting your utilities, phone, internet, and security alarm.
  • Assist with setting up moving, packing and storage services.
  • Setup initial cleaning, pest, and lawncare services.
  • And whatever else you might need!

The Live-In Phase:

Once you’re living in the home, it’s to time maintain your investment. This will help create maximum value when it’s time to sell.

During the Live-In phase, Super Concierge will:

  • Be available for home maintenance and repair questions and consultation.
  • Send monthly maintenance reminders.
  • Arrange maintenance services upon request.
  • Conduct annual property reviews to reveal items that need maintenance or repair.
  • Assist with obtaining quotes and contractors for contemplated renovations, updates, and repairs.
  • Continue to maintain and develop trusted vendor relationships so the work you have performed is completed competently.

How Does Super Concierge Make Money?

Most of our services are offered at no charge to the client! You may ask, “How can you do this?”

We are compensated by vendor partners. We become an additional sales team for the vendor, with one huge difference. Our clients are our focus.
Before we ever recommend a vendor, we research, meet in person, and review quality of work. We want to ensure our partners share the same core values and commitment to customer satisfaction.

If a vendor is not providing excellent products and services, they will be removed from our Super Home Pro list. Because of the volume of referrals we have available, we can hold vendors accountable. Our compensation is not dependent on maintaining a relationship with any individual vendor. Our success is dependent on client satisfaction. It’s simple, you hold us accountable and we hold the vendors accountable. It’s a win, win, win situation.

Also, be mindful that to avoid any appearance of impropriety, we do not accept renumeration to repairs related to an inspection report provided by Super Inspector.

That is how we do it! One satisfied customer at a time.